Guest house Ryoufuu room rate list

1 night1,980 yenWhen compared to the normal night rate
2 nights3,960 yen
3 nights5,380 yenSave 560 yen
4 nights7,360 yenSave 560 yen
5 nights9,340 yenSave 560 yen
6 nights10,760 yenSave 1,120 yen
1 week12,400 yenSave 1,460 yen
8 nights14,380 yenSave 1,460 yen
9 nights16,360 yenSave 1,460 yen
10 nights17,780 yenSave 2,020 yen
1 month48,900 yenSave 10,500 yen

◎All charges are prepaid.
◎Please note that you cannot cancel after payment.
◎In case of extension, payment will be made each time.

If there is room in the room, there may be one room per person. Of course, you can use it for 1,980 yen per night as it is.

cancellation charge

Cancellation the night before 50% of the reservation fee
Cancellation on the day 100% of the reservation fee

* If you make a reservation for consecutive nights and change the number of nights at check-in, the cancellation fee will be treated as cancellation on the day.

Example    Book for 3 nights (1980 yen x 3).
Change to 1 night at check-in
Cancellation fee 2 nights (1980 yen x 2) 3960 yen

Example Book for 5 nights (1980 yen x 5)。
When moving to another place after 2 nights
Cancellation fee 3 nights (1980 yen x 3) 5940 yen

Other charges

Washing machinefree
Gas dryer100 yen
Sheets200 yen1 month
Pillowcase100 yen1 month
Parking lot 1 night300 yenThose who are staying
Laundry service once500 yen

(Note) Suzuka only stays without meals and does not serve meals. There are convenience stores, liquor stores, supermarkets and family restaurants nearby.